The Web Dev Corner-stone, where it all begins

Hello everyone, this is Jay, and this post is the cornerstone of this new blog called Web Dev Corner.


– A stone in a corner of a building, especially one with the date when the building was made or other writing on it.
– Something of great importance on which everything else depends.

Cambridge dictionary

Who am I?

As I said before, my name is Jay. I’m a Venezuelan computer science engineer with a major in software engineering and databases and I am very passionate about web development and SEO.

I have been a web developer for a couple of years now, but since school days I really enjoyed the idea of helping other people with subjects they didn’t understand. As a matter of fact, I worked as a teaching assistant while I was in college for almost a year. I liked the idea of being a teacher, but the conditions at the moment didn’t allow me to do so (or at least, not to make a living of).

What do I do?

When I started working in the company I work right now, I started developing React applications. But then, the priorities of the company changed and I had to learn WordPress and PHP. I won’t lie, the change was huge and I felt very overwhelmed at the moment. It took me a while to get used to it.

The good thing is that after a while I learned to love WordPress, and I work on a daily basis with it: developing plugins from scratch, refactoring legacy plugins, customizing themes, etc.

Also, during my WordPress journey, I started learning about SEO because this was a very important matter for the company. And without noticing I really liked all about it. One day I realized that I had an infinite list of tabs opened in my web browser about SEO.

Why Web Dev Corner?

We tend to use places as reference points to give directions to other people. Stores, streets, buildings, corners. So, the Web Dev Corners intends to be a point of reference for the fellow web developers out there.

As I explained before, I love teaching and explaining new things to people. So, I wanted to document all my web development journey and share it via blog posts. This is not only a good way for reaffirm the knowledge but also of helping others. It’s a win-win for everyone.

I will to try to explain every subject as simple as possible with the intention of being useful for everyone, covering as much as possible, without leaving gaps of the content.

Who is the Web Dev Corner for?

If you are:

  • A WordPress or Web developer
  • Looking for the best tips and tricks to enhance your website
  • Trying to improve your website SEO

If you answered yes to any of the previous statements, then the Web Dev Corner is for you.

So, this is it. I hope to enjoy this journey with you guys. Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions in the comment section below, or ask for a particular topic.

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